Why Us?

All organisations with 5 or more employees are required by UK law to have:

  • A health and safety policy document
  • Documented risk assessments forms for all significant hazards
  • Access to competent health & safety advice
  • Documented arrangements for the planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of health & safety arrangements (i.e. a health & safety manual)
  • Suitable and sufficient health and safety training for Managers and employees

All Safety Matters Ltd can help with all of these issues. We provide a wide range of tailored solutions to assist your business to comply with your legal duties - and give you 'Peace of mind', not only with your workplace Health and Safety but First Aid training in Hereford

The penalties of not complying with health & safety law can be very serious:

  • Unlimited fines, to be paid straight from profits
  • Individual fines and jail sentences
  • Director disqualifications
  • The adverse publicity of prosecutions, leading to loss of business, with damaged personal and professional reputations, and increased premiums.

Small To Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) can rarely afford to employ a full-time Health & Safety Manager or Adviser – that's where All Safety Matters Ltd comes in. We provide health & safety advice to Hereford & the surrounding Counties, giving SMEs a cost effective health & safety support in Herefordshire such as our annual Peace of Mind health and safety support contracts.
We help the larger organisations too – for example by providing an independent audit of their workplace safety systems, and helping the deal with the specific issues facing their health & safety specialists. The feedback we receive from our training leads us to believe we are the Herefordshire First Aid specialists