Our Health & Safety Services?

  • Health & Safety 'Health Checks' and Audits

    Maintain and improve your Health and Safety management in Herefordshire or the surrounding Counties by comparing it with legal benchmarks and best practice. Allow us to take a fresh look at your premises. A user friendly Health & Safety Action Plan with a Photographic Record, is produced to assist you. As we know, one photograph can save a thousand words! We like to get out to our clients premises whenever we can – you can't achieve good Health & Safety from behind a desk. You will get 'Peace of Mind' where your Health & Safety is concerned with your health and safety audits.

    Health & Safety 'Health Checks' and Audits
  • Risk Assessments - including Corona COVID19 virus

    We provide you with practical risk assessments with user friendly recommendations for maintaining safety. We can also talk your staff through the Assessment and we promise not to use jargon! Frequently 'asked for' Risk Assessments currently are for Vulnerable Persons returning to work in the COVID19 pandemic; Return to Work staff with medical conditions - we can supply these for you. Our Health & Safety Risk Assessments in Hereford are based on local conditions which reflect a more accurate situation.

    We are providing more COVID19 related Risk Assessments for opening work premises again, Restaurants, Retail outlets - all in practical, user-friendly language.

    Health & Safety Risk Assessments
  • Fire Risk Assessments

    We have the expertise and experience from former Fire Service Officers to help you achieve high standards of fire safety in a practical and cost-effective way. Not only do you receive a user friendly Fire Risk Assessments, but help on how you manage the on-going process to maintain fire safety. Offered in partnership with Fire and Risk Management Services Ltd. If you require the annual audit of your existing Fire Risk Assessment, we can provide this for you.

    Fire Risk Assessments
  • Display Screen Workstation Assessments

    We will ensure you comply with the law, improve staff well-being and productivity by either undertaking individual workplace and Display Screen workstation Health & Safety assessments i.e. Display Screen Equipment, COSHH or Manual Handling, or set up a system to allow you to manage the safety process. There may be concerns over a particular workstation or DSE seating - we can advise.

    Analyse your Workplace Health & Safety Assessments
  • Health & Safety Policies and Procedures

    We provide the best practical, sensible & useful Health & Safety policies and procedures written for you to integrate into your existing materials. We always supply our documents and reports electronically and we will incorporate your organisations logo onto all your documents.

    Health & Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Outsourced Support

    Our competent & practical people will help manage your health and safety, from a few days per month or as you need it. Your peace of mind is our primary concern.

    Outsourced Support
  • Health & Safety Training

    Our Health and Safety training in Herefordshire can often be delivered in your premises, customised to your needs and not ours. Our baseline is to work from a training needs analysis in order to give you what you actually need, rather than what others might want to sell you. From Manual Handling to COSHH, from First Aid to Food Hygiene! Time spent away from the workplace and travel costs are expensive, so why not look at our online training suite on safety subjects which deliver the knowledge, certify the staff and save you money!

    Health & Safety Training