• Peace Of Mind Overview
  • Examples of our services
  • Policies & Audits
  • Benefits
  • Your Peace Of Mind on Health & Safety


    All Safety Matters Ltd is an independent School Health & Safety provider in Herefordshire. We aim to provide competent, comprehensive and easily accessible Health and Safety advice for Schools, Pre-Schools & Day Nurseries in Herefordshire. Our competent team is led by Nick O'Sullivan, who has a number of years specialist experience, as the single point of contact for Health and Safety for Schools.  Nick offers a personal support and advice service to every client in order to ensure your compliance with Health and Safety advice and legislation. We offer a comprehensive range of School Risk Assessments for Herefordshire which reflect our local conditions.

  • Examples of some of our services

    Advice and Support

    • Localised telephone and internet support with guaranteed same day response; 
    • Access to the School, Pre-School & Day Nursery Health & Safety Flash system, where you are notified of situations and occurrences that could affect your School, Pre-School/Day Nursery, staff or children;
    • Risk Assessments easily customised for your School, Pre-School/Day Nursery;
    • An Annual Health Check report with a User friendly Action plan supported by Photographs.

    Accident Reporting

    • If an incident occurs: you pass your accident forms to us; we will then report and deal with the Health & Safety Executive Incident Centre for you, as required, and deal with any follow up enquiries;
    • Access to simple accident reporting procedures and forms.

    Accident Investigation

    • We provide you with a simple & comprehensive accident investigation forms to determine any underlying causes, unsafe acts or conditions;
    • We keep you informed via the School, Pre-School/Day Nursery's Health & Safety Flash system;
    • We provide specialist investigation involving site visits or remedial action.
  • Policies & Audits


    • Updated model of your specialist School, Pre-School/Day Nursery Health & Safety Policy as necessary as Legislation changes/ best practice evolves.
    • Assistance with creating new or reviewing H&S Polices and guidance designed to meet both your school and statutory requirements.


    We work with your School, Pre-School or Day Nursery to ensure that that your current Health and Safety management systems are robust and effective by auditing:

    • Your Health and Safety Policies;
    • Accident reporting effectiveness and trends
    • Sampling and reviewing risk assessments;
    • Safe working practices by observation and monitoring;
    • Health and Safety audits.
  • Benefits

    All Safety Matters Ltd has the benefit of a team with the experience, understanding and knowledge of being able to guide a School, Pre-School or Day Nursery through the complexities of statutory requirements with a minimum of fuss and intervention.

    In particular the benefits are:

    • A dedicated team that is already well known to schools to form a close working relationship with your business;
    • A single comprehensive service covering ALL aspects of School, Pre-School or Day Nursery health and safety;
    • Bespoke health and safety advice and information on all statutory, national and local issues from experienced professionals. We are particularly effective for Academy Schools;
    • Tailored policies, procedures and guidance down to individual School, Pre-School/Day Nursery level;
    • Access to an extensive range of training and trainers to support your School, Pre-School or Day Nursery in managing and reducing risk;
    • Close contacts with an increasing network of other sensible School, Pre-School Services providers;
    • Annual Health Check with an Action Plan produced so your School, Pre-School or Day Nursery knows what to do next;
    • We believe in getting out to your premises, where our personal service and knowledge of your School, Pre-School and Day Nursery brings far greater benefit to you;
    • You get Peace of Mind where your Health & Safety is concerned!